Fitbit Fail

So about ten days ago, Fitbit released an update for their Android application that was supposed to bring some stability improvements and new features. Sounded pretty good so I tried it out and it turns out to have broken the sync tool that was used to upload data from my Fitbit Flex to their site.Read More

MODI Works Again with 10

The other day I upgraded my computer to Windows 10 to see how it worked out and see what was compatible and what wasn’t just yet. I was pleasantly surprised that 90% of my drivers already had updated versions within 24 hours of the Windows 10 launch date. The only items that didn’t have updatedRead More

Lost Plane … Again


Last night AirAsia lost contact with flight QZ8501 to Singapore, which marks the second plane in less than a year that has been “lost” during flight. While there are a variety of circumstances that can lead to air-traffic-control losing contact with a plane there are also redundant systems on a plane to keep up contact.Read More